GC100 Gel Cell Charger Kit  













Designed with the QRPer in mind, this will keep your gel cell topped off for field operating activities.  Provides charge characteristics to properly charge gel cell batteries, using commercial power or solar panels.   


Product highlights:   


          • Constant voltage, current limited regulator providing 13.6V with a current limit of 750 mA. Suitable for 4 Ahr and larger batteries. See current adjustment section below. Set for float charging, so battery may be left connected indefinitely.


  • Input voltage range: 16.5-18V optimum, 22V maximum. Provided by external power supply, wall wart, or solar panel.


  • Adjustable current monitor drives LED for visual indication when battery is fully charged.


  • 2" x 3" FR-4 pcb. Double sided, soldermasked, and silkscreened, with plated thru holes.


    • Plug and play, uses common 5.5 mm power jacks for input and output connections



Current metering:

An adjustable comparator circuit gives visual indication of the charging current. It is typically set for 50mA , The dual LED switches from red to green once the desired end of charge current is reached. Using the current setting resistor as a shunt, an external meter may be added to allow continuous monitoring of the charge current.

Current adjustment:

The recommended maximum current for float charging is C/5, where C is the Ahr rating of the battery. This charger is set up for 4 Ahr and larger batteries. The charger can be set to accomodate any charge current up to 1.5A. Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to set up the charger for your needs. 

Solar Panel Regulator:

The charger makes an excellent regulator for small solar panels.  The charger contains the necessary blocking diode to isolate the panel/charger from the battery under low light (low voltage) conditions.  This application has been tested with commonly available VW panels.




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GC100 Gel Cell Charger
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